Hey, roleplayers, do me a favor and REBLOG THIS if you are willing to roleplay with a strictly human character. No bells and whistles. Just a regular human trying to get through life same as anybody else. OC, Canon, Fan, or otherwise. 


One day in the year of the fox // When the bell began to sing // It meant the time had come // For the one to go to the temple of the king
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If we get to be born again, without any regret-

Lets play together brother, like the old times we met.

So….. tilt the screen//..

Humans don’t know what it means to be a monster. To them, a monster is anything that they don’t understand. They give it this horrific label and treat it as a threat, rejecting, exterminating, slaughtering it into oblivion. Monsters are simply your way of hiding your own ignorance.
—Petshop of Horrors (via victorianasylum)
Some writers need a while to charge their batteries, and then write their books very rapidly. Some writers write a page or so every day, rain or shine. Some writers run out of steam, and need to do whatever it is they happen to do until they’re ready to write again.

Neil Gaiman (Entitlement issues)

Always do you when writing!!!

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Tom Hiddleston on stage as Coriolanus at Donmar Warehouse (x)

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Tell me-- what kind of gel do you use? It looks so shiny.

Loki looked about uncomfortably.

"Well," he said, then paused.

"You must understand; I learned of this gel from a stylist in the acting troupe. He suggested it." Loki looked around one more time.

"Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq," he said with a slightly embarrassed tone. He had never needed these kinds of things on Asguard.

((Hello o////o))

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