They say Brits play the best villains.

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Why can't we have a Loki in our lives? we would all be so happy, specially me.

"Do you think I’ve forsaken you, my subject? I shall rectify this injustice immediately."

//Why can’t you? Just start talking to him. Actually, he hates talking to me. He talks to other characters, but not often to me. I can’t really send him to you, but you can talk to him.

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"Truly? Hmmm…"

(He would badger her about working for Quinn, especially if he remembers who Quinn is. )

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He would court her properly for the sake of being formal. He would be highly defensive of her, as he doesn’t like other people playing with his things, but mostly he would leave her to her own devices unless he wanted attention.

"I am graced with good fortune to be given your hand, my Lady Wells."

Time meets Space: timeywimeyten x lokibrotherofthor122


"Doctor, has your ship ever come into contact with someone it does not fancy?"

       Ten grabbed onto the console, hitting buttons with his hands and feet, sprawled out and about. Ooh, she was being a bit finicky! Not too finicky, mind you, but still. He called out to Loki whilst nudging a lever with his knee. “—Oh, yeah, she has. My mate Jack. He can’t die. A bit of an anomaly. But—‘re you worried ‘bout yourself? ‘Cause, trust me, she’s fine with you. Just a bit… dubious.”

"A bit dubious? How can you tell?" Loki looked up the large pillar protruding from the council, unsure what its pulsating light meant. Was the Doctor communicating with it? Telepathic perhaps.

"I wouldn’t dream of harming a ship such as this. I have too much respect for its potential." Loki was being truthful there. He may want to steal it, or just lurk in the back rooms of such a ship, but he didn’t want to see it grounded. Something this magnificent was meant to do its job, not sit idly by.

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