Villainy wears many masks, none of which are so dangerous as virtue.
—Constable Crane (Sleepy Hollow)
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One emerald eye opened a crack, his words rang true and she suspected he had meant them too. Looking down at the paper her mind still rapidly turning over everything she had to eat at home and coming up wanting. She knew there was food - hell there was more than enough food - but none of it seemed good enough to serve.

"I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong person if you wanted things that flew straight." Still she couldn’t help but laugh, opening her other eye as her free hand moved through her mass of red hair. "But let’s give it a shot anyway." With deft hands she began folding the paper, using the side of the elevator to make sure that her creases were sharp. "Here -" Her mind was completely off the whirring hum and the bright metal that reflected just how small the space really was, instead she waited patiently at every fold so that he could mimic her design if he so chose.

Loki purposely took his time mimicking her folds, creasing them several times over so that she would have to stretch her explanation out for him. It would only get them to the twenty-fifth floor that way, but at least he had stopped her from suffering for that long.

"I have always personally wanted to own a hunting bird. That or a familiar with flying capabilities. On the other hand, i have never seen much use in flying per say, since we have always had the magic to make things move through the air.. Flying is my brothers thing," he said. It was something he wasn’t afraid to admit.

French Silk Pie// Lokibrotherofthor x thepiemakerstouch


“ThelevelIjustwhatnow?” Ned asked, thoroughly confused. “No! I’m not manipulating! Or being manipulative. I’m asking an employee to carry out certain job duties to the best of his abilities because he said he wanted to help,” manipulated the piemaker.

Ned looked around. “I think I’ve got all photos I’ll need. I can take notes on the way since I didn’t drive. We need to get back to the city.” Even as he spoke, off in the distance came the sounds of approaching car tires and flashing red and blue lights (no sirens, though). Just enough flair to let onlookers know that there was an emergency of sorts. “We REALLY need to get back to the city,” Ned said, pocketing his phone, flashlight, and ducking out of the house. Emerson would be in A Mood…

The piemaker motioned for Loki to follow and he walked briskly down the street, a situation that, sadly, made him look a bit stiff and suspicious. “As for what we’ve told him…I’m pretty sure he knows something is weird, but he would never guess what. I think he like-likes Emerson, so he usually goes pretty easy on us, but it usually takes some money and some choice words. Emerson usually says I’m a resident expert on something related to what happened - gunshots, ligatures, stuff like that. I could just say I’m training you. Or you’re from the poison control center, doing followup. He’ll probably know why I came in. I mean, he’ll know because Emerson and I usually show up when there’s an unsolved crime with a large monetary reward attached to it.”

The grin simply wouldn’t leave Loki’s face as he followed Ned out of the house. He walked with confidence, as if he owned the sidewalk itself.

"So you have changed your story multiple times? You don’t bother telling him that you are associates? I would think it would make things easier for you. That’s not a large problem, though." Loki went through a mental list of things he could need to be in this kind of situation.

"What does a poison control center do?" he asked, placing a hand on Ned’s shoulder.

"Calm your walk. We are heading to the morgue because we are on a mission to help someone who is in need of closure. There is no reason to feel upset about it."

Thor and Jane both get quite into crime shows, and their favorite is “Bones”, because there’s a lot of science. Though it’s not *her* science, Jane still loves it. The rest of the team will watch with them, but they’ve learned not to talk, because Jane once threw an empty popcorn bowl at Tony. He’s started wearing his suit during team TV nights.


Milk Chocolate Irish Cream Pots de Creme

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The Cookie Cup


Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake | Minimalist Baker

//Vegan c;

//In addition, GIF!!! Haha y’all know I love food GIFs

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